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Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Than Just A Wishlist - 20% Sale Ends Today!

With so much emphasis being put on toys, electronics, and other material possessions, do you ever wonder how you can keep your children focused on the fact that Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus?

In More Than Just a Wishlist mom of 14 and blogger, Marilyn Boyer, shares Christ-centered Christmas traditions that her family has enjoyed for years!

Here is a description of the book:

Christmas can and should be at time that draws families toward Jesus and one another, and impresses upon them the importance of reaching out and sharing God`s love with others. Establishing God-honoring traditions for your kids and grandkids is what it`s all about! As a Mom, let your enthusiasm spill over into the lives of those little ones you influence. With your arm around your children, lead them to touch the lives around them in a positive way for the Lord Jesus during this magnificent season. Join us for a tour of the traditions that have made Christmas special for the Boyer clan for years!!!

You can purchase for this book and other Christmas products for 20%! The sale ends today!

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