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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Online Jobs = Scams?

I have spent more and more time over the past few months looking into work at home opportunities. Making a decent amount of money from your living room sounds ideal, right? Nevertheless, it is quite disheartening to find out that many "online jobs" are really just scams!

I started thinking, "I would like to work from home. Are there any legitimate opportunities for such work, or what?!" Today I came across a site called: Money Making Mommy.

The creator of the site, Kelly writes;

Online jobs are becoming more and more popular. With the economy causing more and more of us to be without a job, it’s no surprise people are looking for ways to earn from home, including online jobs, freelance work and more. I understand this all too well after losing my on air radio gig in 2002. The radio station I worked for closed it’s doors and there I was with two kids, a mortgage and no paycheck. Sure, my husband had his job – but we were barely making it with BOTH our paychecks, let alone go down to just ONE!

I wondered, could there be real online jobs out there – could I work at home? Or am I going to get scammed over and over in my search for online jobs? What do I even want to do from home and what exactly are online jobs? Do I have the skills to be able to snag the job I want when and if I find it? There are so many questions that cross your mind when you’re faced with the monumental search of finding a work at home job or way to make money from home. I KNOW this. And online jobs resources on the internet today come and go – A LOT. I’ve been around since 1999 – quietly working away at researching online jobs.

So the creation of Money Making Mommy and the hundreds of pages here on the topic of making money, working at home and online jobs. I’ve invested all my heart and soul into this very website (and still do every day!) that you’re looking over – while searching for online jobs for myself, that search become my job! It has become a labor of love. It has seen many designs, many changes – but one thing always stays the same. The online jobs resources I personally provide are free. I try to provide genuine work at home resources. My goal is to help you in some small way, reach your goal of researching work at home and ultimately finding a career from home that fits you! So get pen a paper out – “My Online Jobs Research” – and start hunting. Start by checking Today’s Online Jobs.

My family and I don’t live a life of extravagance. We don’t have a fleet of fancy cars or a great big house. Money still gets tight at times. The goal of this work at home site was never to get rich. It was to help people. People just like me find online jobs with tools for research, info and suggestions that help them ultimately make money. There are online jobs out there for us all.

Money Making Mommy

I am not endorsing the site just yet because I have not looked into it fully. However, if you are interested, you can find out more about Money Making Mom here! Please come back and leave a comment here if you decide to use the site and have a good experience with it?

Are there other legitimate online jobs out there that you have experience with? Do tell!


  1. Hello! I haven't checked out online jobs.....but I have a cousin that would bring home parts from a window manufactory and would assemble parts as she was at her children's athletic events.

    This way she was still at home with her children and bringing in a little financial assistance into her home.

    It's been a while since I visited your blog. Your children are beautiful! Growing up.

    May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Lovely Family you have.
    God bless,

  2. The only online jobs that are legitimate that I have found are in the education arena. I few companies like ETS (educational testing service) offer opportunities to score exams online. I have done this before and it's not too bad. Perfect for those with advanced or speciality degrees.

  3. I have checked out online jobs pretty extensively because my working outside the home just didn't work for us. In my experience, online writing and tutoring jobs have the most potential, at least for me, although there really are some good opportunities out there. I also agree with DrCara's comment about ETS. I have heard good things, but never tried it myself.

    I recommend as a resource, especially their forums, for legitimate opportunities.

    Personally, I write for and earn between $10-14 for each 400-word article I write. They are the best and I love working for them. I've been with them for about 18 months.

    I also do occasional work as a decorative artist/mural painter and sell things on eBay and Craigslist.

    Just stay away from opportunities that advertise being a mystery shopper. It isn't a scam, exactly, but I have never had success with this. Companies ask you to sign up for them, never contact you, and sell your information.

  4. Coincidence.I've been trying to find opportunities here in SA for this.Disheartening indeed!

  5. Deanna- Thank you. Do you have big Thanksgiving plans?

  6. DrCara and Jenn- Thanks! I am looking into ETS. I fond other WAHM who say they make a decent income with it as well.

  7. Thandi- That's funny! I guess we are all on the same page!

  8. Check out www.VIPdesk. My mother-in-law worked for them for a while.


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