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Monday, August 15, 2016

Unexpected Summer Blessings

I will tell you something about me. Every single time the season changes, I get giddy with excitement. There is something about the feeling that something new is on the horizon, that there is room for new possibilities or another chance to really dig my heels in and make "it" happen. "It" can be a variety of things and it depends on which season is upon me.

As summer vacation approached this year, I had that same giddy excitement. I was eager for the school year to end. I had plans to really get my workouts in, to take my children to the splash pad park, to the track, to the new Super Walmart that just opened by my house! Nevertheless, I injured my knee at the start of the summer and was in a car accident a few weeks later.

This meant: no car, no workouts, no splashpad park, no track, and no Super Walmart (at least not that depended on my driving there :-). Did I have my lip poked out? You better believe it. Needless to say,  in spite of moments of dissapointment, God always seems to find a way to make challenging or dissapointing setbacks into exciting new adventures or unexpected blessings. He did that for me this summer, for sure.

Being in the predicament I was in, I discovered something important: I have a lot of folks who love me enough to make sure I have a way to be carted around town.

Not only was I overwhelmed by some friends of ours who let us drive their minivan for weeks, other friends ensured that I could get to the stores if needed, to the airport when I went out of town, and even just out of the house so I did not lose my mind! What a display of love and generosity I have felt!

In addition to these displays of love, there were many highlights this summer. One was that hubby and I took the children to a water park and a state fair. We had so much fun and made new memories. The kids are at an age where they have a pretty seriously funny sense of humor and I enjoyed them throwing me in a waterfall and their exctiement around the water slides, rides, and a hotel stay. It reminded me that you don't have to break the bank to have a good time and that simplicity is key. My children are growing up so fast, so I live for these moments!

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