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Friday, August 12, 2016

Project Purity

Project Purity  is dedicated to supporting singles in discovering purpose in their journey of becoming whole. They are also a group of men and women who encourage celibacy in a way that is attainable in your dating and pursuit of marriage.

Each month, Project Purity features married couples who share their stories of the dating process and life after marriage. Singles, wouldn't you like to know what married life is really about from the marital perspective? Check out this month's couples and read about their journey of marriage!

Kenneth and I were happy to participate in an interview and be featured as one of the featured couples. Below is a snippet of our interview. Jump over and check out the rest of it here!

Kenneth & LaSandra Hutchinson

Length of marriage: 12 years

1. How did you and your spouse meet?

We went to high school together. Kenneth can remember the first time he saw me freshman year in English class,room 108. He still describes what I was wearing that day. We began our friendship during sophmore year while in World History class.

2. What are your views on marriage?

We view marriage as a blessing from the Lord, an opportunity to experience love and companionship. It also refines your character and causes you to have to really grapple with your own shortcomings.

3. How has it changed you?

Marriage has helped both of us to mature. We have grown in selflessness, in mercy, and compassion. Both of us have become more of who God has ordained us to be through the marriage as well. We both push the other towards their destiny and have supported each other.

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