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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

12 Reasons to Start a Blog

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a blogger thus far. Have you been thinking about starting a blog? Maybe you are in need of inspiration to remember what motivated you to start the blog you already have. Below are the first 12 of this blogger's 33 Reasons to Start a Blog. To read all 33 click here.

1. Blogs are a great way to express yourself and your unique personality, whether it’s through what you write, or your blog’s colors.

2. A blog is a great way to build a small network of readers with similar interests or hobbies.

3. A blog is a great way to promote a business or a product.

4. A blog is a great way to make a difference and raise awareness about certain topics mass media ignores or would rather not discuss.

5. Writing on your blog is a great way to express your freedom of speech.

6. Writing on a blog and attracting a wide readership might make you famous one day.

7. It’s easy to make money if your blog becomes popular, all you have to do is insert ads.

8. Posting on your blog is a great way to vent.

9. A blog can land you a job opportunity, especially if it attracts a wide readership and you become recognized as an expert in your niche.

10. A blog can land you an offer to be a on a reality show, this has happened to me personally. At this time I cannot provide any additional info, however if everything goes as planned and I do participate in the show, I will be posting more about it.

11. Starting a blog and maintaining it is very easy and it’s free. It doesn’t require any html or programming knowledge, you can start your free blog right away by visiting Blogger or Word Press.

12. Having a blog and posting on it frequently allows you to reflect back on your growth and development.


  1. Hey Mrs. H,

    Since you invited comments about your spelling and grammar...

    21. encourage should be encouraged

    23. todays should be today's (it is possessive)

    Thanks for posting. I think your blog is great, and it gives me another site to add to my daily list of sites I visit. I especially love any and all pictures. Keep adding those!

    PS- I have a little consulting business if you or your friend needs an editor. ;)

  2. Hey Cara,

    Good eye! The list was written by a blogger named Andrew. Here's his email:

    Maybe you can pass the corrections on to him. From the tone of his blog, he may really be delighted to bring on an editor!

    I'll remember your editing skills in the future too! Thanks for keeping up with the blog!



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