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Friday, February 13, 2009

Newborn Reminiscing

With only 27 days to go before the my new bundle of joy is due, I've been reminiscing on what its like to have a newborn. Bella is our youngest, and will be two years old this May. I can't believe how fast time has flown by! Here are a couple of pictures we took of Bella before we left the hospital. One of the nurses was so in love with her, she made that bow and stuck it on her hat. Hubby and I just thought it was the cutest thing!

I'll admit I am a little nervous about how I am going to transition into being a mother of 3. Nevertheless, I smile when I think about all of the "sweet details" associated with having a new baby. There's just something about...

- The "Johnson's baby lotion smell"
- Tiny little clothes washed in Dreft
- Nursing a baby and being their only source of nourishment
- The baby's first "social" smile (that you know isn't due to gas!) 


  1. Sigh...Erik is almost eight months old and I'm already getting a newborn craving. Good thing I have a few friends who are overdue right now - I should at least get to hold a few new babies pretty soon! I will tell you one thing..since you're having a boy, there will be a few totally new experiences in the newborn stage. Have fun! ;)

  2. A couple of other special newborn things:

    1) the sound effects (the burping, explosive poops...and the first cooing sound)

    2) the first time they turn their heads in the direction of your voice.

    3) their soft hair

    4) hiccups

    5) seeing them fall asleep on your husband's chest

    6) tiny diapers

    ....ok, ok, enough reminiscing for me!

  3. Ha ha.I must be abnormal.Spent time nursing a new mom today and when I bathed the baby and she was writing and crying I thought "And this is just one of the many reasons I don't want anymore kids!" The mom spent some time watching me and I thought "This is the first newborn I've bathed since 2 and a half year old Ella, what if she gets so slippery that she slides out my hands?" They just seem so helpless and with their inability to say what they're feeling, I feel sorry for them LOL.Meanwhile...All the best with your bundle of joy.I pray she gives you sleep-FULL nights!

  4. Hey Ms. LaSandra,

    I've been missing you on Facebook. I'm glad Kenneth published your blog address. I just spent the day (and last night) babysitting my sister's two kids, and I do not plan on having any on my own soon! I am worn out! I do however enjoy other people's newbowns, especially the way they smell. Photos of smiling babies are also very good.

    PS- Tell Mrs. Grimes I've been thinking about her and wishing her well. Same to Jeannine D.

  5. Thanks Katie-

    Yes, I'm sure there will be new experiences with having a boy. I have heard stories of being "sprayed" during the diaper changes! Here we go!

  6. Tiffany,

    Thanks for adding to the list! I forgot about #5! Those are precious moments!

  7. Cara!

    Thanks for keeping in touch via my blog! I hope you're well and I will pass those messages along!

  8. Yes, Elias once sprayed Mike in the middle of the night while I changed him and Mike just looked over for a second and then went back to sleep! Apparently, he peed on his dad in his sleep when he was a baby, too!

  9. Um...these photos are so darling! I loved seeing that one on the collection you sent me through snapfish, too. Your babies are so beautiful. You're a great mom! Watch out, #3; you've got yourself one heck of a family!!

  10. Hey just stopped by your blog to say your baby is really sweet. Was just checking out the pics of the new born and came across your blog..


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