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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In honor of Valentine's Day

Here is a video and press release about the Generations Podcast.  Their February podcast is dedicated to a discussion of Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages. I have found this book to be very helpful in terms of understanding what makes me feel loved and how I can improve in showing love to my friends and family.  Watch the clip and read below for more info!


February 9, 2009

Love-Learn the Language

Wouldn’t it be great if we could love others in a way that really made them feel loved? Love is the topic of conversation on the Generations Podcast at Generations of Christian women share their thoughts about different issues and aspects of life. The hosts of the podcasts are the creator of the God’s Word Collectible Christian gift series, Bridgette Mongeon, her mother Barbara Ingersoll, and her daughter Christina Diliberto. Their February podcasts are based on love in recognition of Valentine’s Day. 

In their first February podcast they talk about Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, “The Five Love Languages,” and how the five love languages played a role in their lives. In the second February podcast Dr. Chapman joins Christina and Bridgette and talks about the importance of love languages not only for couples but for singles, and how understanding your child’s love language is important, and how your love language plays a role in your relationship with God and ministry. Understanding and using the love languages will change your life. 

What are the five love languages? They are touch, quality time, acts of service, positive affirmation, and gifts. Chapman states that we each can express our love in different ways, and that couples often have different love languages. We want to make sure that we fill the love tank of those we want to love, so therefore understanding their love language is very important. That way they will feel that their “love tank” is full. 

For more information about the love languages, check out the Generations podcast at or pick up one of Dr. Chapman’s books. Then you can spread the love all year long.

Bridgette Mongeon,

Hannah Ahn


  1. ryan and i are starting in a small group on wed. on love languages through our church. im' really excited about it.

  2. hey!!! L.H. since you told me about this book, i logged on to gary chapman's website, and he offers a daily message on marriage at


  3. Hey Janaiya!

    Thanks for the link!


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