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Monday, February 23, 2009

What's a A Woman to Do?

About three weeks after my wedding day, I began my first full-time job. From the time I started, I began to feel "the pull." After becoming pregnant with my first child, "the pull" became even greater. This "pull" that I am referring to is the way it seemed like my time, energy, and attention was constantly being pulled in so many different directions. Between marriage, work, ministry, friends, family, and a new baby on the way, I wondered how I would ever balance it all!

I had so many different messages in my mind in regards to what my priorities were supposed to be and what decisions were best. As I have grown in these areas and made certain decisions, I realize that many women struggle with "the pull." I have found that for me, the key to having peace and fulfillment in this area is learning more about God's design for a woman's role in the family and learning how to apply that knowledge to my everyday life. 

Chip Ingram, founder and teaching pastor of Living On the Edge offers a MP3 Series entitled: House or Home?: Eight Essentials for Building a Close-Knit Family. Below is a short description of the series as well as two links for a part of the series that deals with God's design for a woman's role in the family. I have listened to these two podcast and have found them to be very inspiring and informative! Check them out!
We all long to be deeply connected with our families. However, for most of us, this longing goes largely unmet and our hearts ache because of it. In this eight part series, Chip takes you step by step through Ephesians 5:21-6:4 and explains what it takes to become a family that is not only close, but has the strength and stability to weather life's storms.
What's a Woman to Do? Part 1

What's a Woman to Do? Part 2

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  1. wow, thank you for this one!!! it was and is an eye opener for me in 2009. janaiya


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