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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

I love this song. I told hubby that I want it sang at my funeral because it captures my life in a nutshell.

The women featured are singing as a tribute to our pastor, during a recent appreciation service put on for him by our local church.

As you view, you may notice that we can get a little "emotional" when it comes to praising Jesus. No reason to be alarmed. Its all very common. Yes, we are "those" people;)


  1. Beautiful song. I can see why it would be appropriate at a funeral, but you can't leave us yet! I need to see about 5 more babies from you! I love how the sister in the green had her hair done so well it fell right back into place after shouting. ;-)

    Love ya,

  2. he truly is the best thing....i feel like shouting myself! bless him!!!


  3. I haven't visited in FOREVER, but where is Bushop Bell? I was looking for him in the video.

  4. Cara-

    LOL! Yes, her hair was "layed."

  5. Hey Jordan!

    I believe he was there, but sitting over on the far right, so the video didn't show him. He's still kickin':)

  6. Sometimes life is emotional. I'm one of those people also.

    What a great song and the ladies really got into the music.

    I think You Tube is so neat to have available to us so we can see videos. Pretty neat.

    Prayer request: My sister, Debbie had complete knee replacement surgery on April 20th. She's still in the hospital. Not doing well. She's near and dear to me. Please, would you pray and have as many of your prayer partners pray for her. I'd greatly appreciate your prayers. I posted a picture of her on my post.

    God Bless you.
    Your sister in Christ,

  7. Deanna,

    I'm so sorry your sister isn't doing well. I will pray for Debbie and let the prayer request be made known to some others who I know will pray also!

  8. Thank you for your prayers. Greatly appreciate you praying for my sister.
    Truly appreciate this.
    Great Blessings to you.


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