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Friday, April 3, 2009

Simple Pleasures Make Life Good.


I love Target. So do my friends.

Actually, one of my friends jokes that her and her husband "date" there. And why can't they? There's plenty to see and do.

The simple fact that there is a Starbucks on site is just the very tasty icing on the cake! Holding hands with your man, while shopping, and sipping on a caffe mocha? Come on, surely there is romance in that.


  1. i love it too!!!


  2. Me, too!! I just really wish we had Target in Canada! When we visit my family, we make Target a priority visit. Mike can stay occupied looking at games or electronics for awhile, but it's a lot more fun to go shopping with one of my parents or my sister. My aunt gave me a $100 gift certificate a few years ago for of the best presents ever! :)

  3. No target in Canada? Aww man!

  4. awe...
    (We joke around and try to sound french when saying this so it sounds like "tar-shay")
    What a great time to be had for all.
    Have you tried their salty pretzels?

  5. Very nice idea for a way to leisurely spend an afternoon or rainy day.

  6. I miss Target. We don't had one here :(

  7. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll be sure to write them down. I was at a used bookstore today and found "Fight Like a Girl" by Lisa Bevere which looks promising in that aspect. We'll see!
    BTW, I love Target too! We make very frequent visits to Super Target!

  8. Target is my all time FAVORITE place to shop!!! When my little girl was about six days old her first outing was with Grandma and Mommy to TARGET!!!

    And even now my favorite all time need therapy is to go get a coffee from my favorite coffee shop (we don't have starbucks in our little Target but that's okay, at least we have a Target) and then I go up and down every aisle, checking for their AWESOME clearance and enjoying what they have to offer!!!

    Love your post.... just love it!!!
    Go Target...

  9. Wooo hoo! I'm not alone, I see. Thanks everyone for sharing in the "Target Love-Fest" ;)


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