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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Noelle!

Today is Noelle is turning 4 years old! I am dedicating this post to all things Noelle.

About Noelle:

  • Noelle was born a few days before Thanksgiving and a week past her due date.
  • Noelle practically skipped crawling entirely and walked at 9 months.
  • She was an early social smiler.

Noelle's Likes:

  • Noelle loves to help others and to learn new things.
  • She doesn't like to leave home without her purse.
  • Her favorite devotion song is "God is a good God."
  • She never passes up a good game of "Hide and Seek."
  • She never passes up a good powdered sugar donut.
  • She loves the entire concept of Birthdays and is genuinely excited when anyone has one (so you can imagine how she feels today!).

Things we love about Noelle:

  • Her adorable dimple!
  • Her vibrant and friendly personality.
  • The way she initiates helping at the grocery store by putting items in the cart and on the checkout counter.
  • The way she randomly tells us she loves us throughout the day.
  • Her polite demeanor and the way she always remembers to say grace before she eats.
We love you Noelle! Happy Birthday!


  1. She is precious. Happy Birthday Noelle. My 3 year olds middle name is Nowelle. I love the name.

  2. Happy Birthday Noelle! Caleb tried to contact her earlier but she must have been out partying:) Have fun!

  3. hope the little sweetie had a wonderful birthday! she is absolutly ADORABLE!

  4. Happy belated birthday little one. may the Lord continue to show favor upon you!

  5. I wish we could get Jenny and Noelle together! Jenny has a big love of birthdays, too. :) Not to mention that they're about five months apart. Hmm, maybe someday, hey?

  6. Katie,

    I've thought about that before! Maybe someday. Canada really isn't that far , is it;)


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