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Monday, November 9, 2009

Why I Love Being Married #1: I Look *Good*

I've concluded that there are some things that can only occur in the context of this holy, sacred, kinship-forming, gift from God called marriage.

There are just some things that can only carry a certain weight when coming from one spouse to another. No other human bond can match it.

Take this conversation I had with hubby for instance...

Hubby returned today from a weekend in Texas. In the midst of our catching up on each other's lives, our conversation took a turn like this:

Me: (feeling sorry for myself) "Yeah, I've been dieting all weekend. I actually have a hunger headache, like right now."

Hubby: "Honey, you've had 3 babies. You look good."

Me: "No, but I..."

Hubby: (cutting me off mid-sentence and looking me straight in the eye) "Babe, you look GOOD!"

Me: (holding my head a little higher) "Oh...okay."

Well then, I guess that settles that. I look GOOD.

See what I mean? Now, pass the chocolate!


  1. Aww. That's too sweet.
    It reminds me why half the girls in my youth group want to marry a youth pastor, because everytime they start talking to a new audience they say: "Hi, my name is _____ and I'm married to the most spectacularly gorgeous woman on Earth!" and different variations of that, of course.
    Makes me happy! :D

  2. Husbands are such a blessing aren't they? My husband is the same way. LOve it....Yeah where's the chocolate?? ha ha ha :)

  3. Kirsten,

    I love it when husbands introduce their wives like that too!. Its so sweet.

  4. i had a similar convo like that just last night! this morning hubby proved my perspective on me was completely distorted in a way that only he could...a powerpoint presentation :) i love being married too.

  5. Too cute! I laughed out loud at that. That does feel good when your husband lets you know how good you look to him.

  6. That was so sweet! I just threw you some chocolate. Did you catch it?
    One day out of the blue Don tells me that he loves my stomach so much. I asked him why. He said because I carried his babies in there.
    Talking about scoring brownie points! Lol

  7. Very good idea. Keep savoring those moments because it is very true what moms say. Enjoy each and every moment!!

  8. lol...I love it! I'm a firm believer in Prov. 18:22. And your husband has a "good thing" and MUCH favor from the Lord!

    I can't wait to get married! Some say I'm to young (23) to be focused on marriage, but it's a desire that I have! Never-the-less...there is a blessing in the wait! I know the Lord see's my desire, and I'll take comfort in Him and continue to grow and prosper in His love!

    Now to the point (since I've rambled)...from the pictures I've seen (which aren't many) you look GREAT to have 3 small children! I hope when I do have babies I can maintain some type of shape and not BLOW UP!!!!


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