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Monday, August 30, 2010


If you want to catch me when I am least motivated to do anything remotely productive, come see me on a Monday morning. Seriously, it is then that you will find me doing anything but what I should be doing. Today was a good example of that.

I met a friend of mine at the local McDonald's so that our kids could eat and play together in the indoor playground. Meanwhile, we enjoyed some kind of coffee drink and caught up. That's kind of productive, right? I mean, I was feeding my children and arranging opportunity for physical fitness and socialization, right?

Nevertheless, I thought afterwards that it is sure is good to have friends to get together with on a Monday morning, when you are looking for a way to avoid a good day of hard work:) Furthermore, it is sure is good to have friends, period! I'm convinced they come from God!

In fact, Hubby asked me some weeks ago how I deal with stress. I mean, serious- "I can't take this anymore" -"I'm about to lose my mind" - stress. At first, I told him the obvious; "I pray, I read the bible, I listen to Christian music, I get out the house, etc". But, after I thought more about it, I told him that after I have tried those things and I am really at the edge, I call my friends.

I told him I don't even see how I would have made this far in my Christian walk without girlfriends. Most times, I call them with no expectation of them solving my issues, at all. I find it helpful just to talk about my issues or to hear that they got issues too! I can hear their kids crying in the background and that their husband had to work late, again. Or that they are fishing for new ways to save money and I can say "Whew! Okay, thanks girl. Its not just me!"

Isn't it interesting how girlfriends can see the good in your life, even when you are momentarily in the fog? It takes them to remind you, "Didn't you just tell me..." Didn't God just answer your prayer regarding..." "Girl, God will work this out, he always does!"

In addition, I find that my girlfriends never cease to amaze me. I may not share all the same interest, hobbies, or strengths that they have, but I sure am impressed by theirs and they inspire me to perfect my own. They are also a great source of laughter. You can laugh with girlfriends over stuff that men "don't get." Its so nice to have someone who "sees it your way."

For all of the reasons mentioned above, I laughed SO hard when I found this clip of Nicole Johnson!

Nicole is a "motivational entertainer" and is known for her performances, books, and DVD's about the "challenges facing today’s mega-multi-tasking woman." You can check out more from her at: Fresh Brewed Life.


  1. That was funny...and oh so true!

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  3. That was a great. I love having face time with my best girls. It reminds me that their is life outside the walls of my house! ;)

  4. true...true...true. I was trying to call you Monday!


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