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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Because this might otherwise be forgotten...

In Lee Woodfruff's book, Perfectly Imperfect, her husband (Bob Woodruff) describes his wife's writing in a rather thoughtful way. He explains;

"It (her writing) was her catharsis, the thing she did for herself and a way to chronicle the small moments of family life, the funny and touching anecdotes that might otherwise be forgotten over the years." 

When I read this, I thought, "That is much of why I blog!" At a time when blogging has become "big business" for many, it can become difficult for many of us to remember why we started blogging in the first place.

In efforts to rekindle my passion for chronicling the small moments of family life...that might otherwise be forgotten, I thought I'd capture some of new and sweet developments of my kiddos.

Noah, 2 years old

This guy simply cracks me up.

He is a character and has actually started referring to himself in 3rd person. I think he sees this as him advocating for a third party and not himself. As as result, he seems to think that this liberates him from any obligation to be polite. So I get this often in a very firm and demanding tone;

"Noah wants some water...GET Noah some water!" To which I have to remind him that he is actually advocating for himself and needs to ask nicely.

He has also started tackling Halle, which totally freaks me out. But, she strangely seems to enjoy it. So, I'll let them have each other until this proves harmful.

Noah is learning his colors and letters (without much effort on my part to teach him).

Bella, 4 years old

Bella is always full of energy! She has enough for us both!

Bella is learning to write her name and is quite proud of herself! She tells me that she is looking into to pursing a career as a ballerina. I could completely see her doing that.

She also has an ongoing list of wants that she tweaks/adds to rapidly. Right now it looks something like this (My brain and my pocket book can't keep up):

- a purple acoustic guitar (purple is her favorite color).
- a dollhouse (I want her to have this too! In fact, I might be looking forward to it more than she is).

Her 5th birthday is coming in May, so we may look into seeing what we can make happen in regards to her list. We are accepting donations.

Noelle, 6 years old
Noelle is rapidly losing her teeth!

The photo above is a pre-toothless shot. I'll have to post a new one so you can see how cute she is! She has lost the 2 at the bottom, and the permanent ones are coming in. Recently, she lost one of the 2 front teeth. Its wild to think she is old enough to be losing this many baby teeth!

Noelle is becoming more and more advanced in her reading. In fact, she is starting to have her own book preferences. One of her favs right now is Sheila Walsh's God's Little Princess Devotional Bible.         She keeps a copy of it under her pillow to read during quiet time. 

Noelle has invented a unique expression of love for her and Bella. She kisses her hand, holds it out in front her and says, "I love you" to Bella. Then, Bella kisses her own hand, places it on Noelle's hand and says, "I love you too." This is why I need a camcorder!

Halle, 1 year old

Well...she is always full of new developments. Of course, they include the toilet and some form of stalking me from room to room. But, they deserve their own post and a more recent picture that I need time to find. I'll update that later!


  1. They're so beautiful, LaSandra! I definitely blogged for this reason, the moment I'm not sure if I'm "done" or just taking a break from blogging.

  2. You are a blessed Lady! Your children are very cute!

    God bless and shine on,

  3. @Katie- Thank you. I ask myself if I am "done" or taking a break at times too! I think its just reality of a hectic life with many transitions and babies. But, I do love it and I am trying to stay in touch with that!

  4. Your kids are so cute. You know my six year old Mary hasn't even had one loose tooth yet, let along lost any! All my kids have been that way!


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