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Friday, March 23, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Hello Peeps!

I am excited about this weekend because it is the 1st of 2 consecutive weekends of weddings! I heart weddings! My friend who is getting married next weekend will be married at Alice Millar Chapel, which is where hubby and I were married in 2004. It will be so sweet to be there celebrating with my friend, while reminiscing on my own wedding!

Here are my Friday Findings:

Web finds...

- Are you a mommy who uses coffee as a way to soothe yourself from the demands of a busy day? If so, you will laugh real hard at this video!

- Writing facts about your child on your favorite photos can be great memorabilia! You can find out how to create your own yearly photos right here.  

- I'm learning some interesting things about work/life balance from a great Design Mom Series

In fact, hears what I'm finding on the topic of work/balance...

- Staying balanced is a continuous process.

- Balance should be based on your own individual priorities and goals.

-What balance looks like will change during different seasons of life.

Have you given much thought to the topic? How do you think you are doing in the work/life balance department?

I hope you enjoy the weekend!


  1. It is indeed the time for weddings. We are quite excited to have one ourselves next month.

  2. Cute pic! Reminds me of my oldest daughter, who went to an an all-girls college -- Converse college. The converse all-star was their mascot until a few years ago when it was deemed a copyright infringement and they had to change it. :(


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