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Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear God, bless me with an iphone...

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Yes, I recognize the fact that I have four kids, a mortgage, bills, student loan debt, and no job. But, people like me can still dream (and pray), right?

I know you know how I long to enjoy the latest technology and a glittery phone case. I know you know that the last time I had a cell phone, texting wasn't even "in" yet. It wouldn't be such a big deal to me if perhaps my own mother wasn't sitting up having a ball texting people from her cell when I'm around. I see her looking at her phone when we're together, chuckling and enjoying her friends. Really, it is all just too much to bear.

I get excited when I think of enjoying the latest apps by apple. The freedom of having a little gadget all to myself.  I smile within when I think about having something small enough to hide in a drawer or in my purse, where it can be protected from little fingers.

Father, my desire is to be a good steward, that is why I am come to you with this request. Because, you love me and know how to make things happen.

Your (phoneless) daughter,



  1. Don't know if this will make you feel better, but I do not have a smart phone either. I think AT&T is selling refurbished iphones for a penny (at least they were). You could get onto hubby's account depending on who he has. I think a second line is 10 dollars a month, but you would have to pay for data (about 30 bucks a month). Hope you get it!

  2. LOL..this is so funny. I haven't had my own cell since I got married and it didn't really bother me, but the fact that my mom sends texts and I don't own my own cell is a bit weird. Its one of those things that make you go ummmm! LOL!!


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