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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm convinced...

You don't really know how well behaved your kids are/or aren't until you take them out to a resturaunt.

Sunday was my mother's birthday so we decided to take her out to the Olive Garden. Oh, what a time we had!

My one year old wiggled and giggled in the high chair that was brought for her. She kept on trying to stand up, and we had to keep making her sit down. She wanted to grab whatever she could get within her reach (including a hot cup of tea!). She literally "whined and dined the entire time!"

I kept thinking, "Who is this? She seems to be so much more well behaved at home." Perhaps that's because she is in an enviornment where she is free to roam and play? I'm not sure, but my husband and I realized we needed to tighten up on our discipline with our one year old. In fact, her behavior made our two year old seemed like the "picture of obedience" that night.

I do remember having similar battles with out oldest daughter when she was about the same age, and God brought us through that time. I have used alot of information from a website called Raising Godly Tomatoes and have found it to be helpful. Are others familiar with that site? Has it been helpful for you? Do others have strategies for keeping the peace while dining with toddlers? I'm all ears!


  1. hey...i have started doing a few of the things at home with Miles and it has helped alot. Hes younger, so I havent gotten to the older issues, but if its any consolationn he stood up in his high chair last week and slurped milk off the tray. That was at home, so will be kids i guess!

  2. Did he? LOL! I can just picture him doing that! Well, thanks for the consolation:)

  3. My husband and I bring a small snack and small toys to keep Skye busy until the food comes. Sometimes she even colors or looks through her books.

  4. Anonymous: Thanks for the suggestions!


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