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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Need more ways to incorporate chocolate into your diet?

Of course you do! Who doesn't?

I found this recipe for "Chocolate-Strawberry Smoothies" in Bob Greene's book, "The Best Life Diet." Perhaps this suggestion will be a healthier alternative to the chocolate ice cream, chocolate brownies, and chocolate cookies we all love so much!

I've tried it a few times and found it to be a healthy, yummy, chocolatey treat (when what I really want is a chocolate shake)! The ingredients are affordable, and the recipe easy to make. 2 servings are only add up to 192 calories!

Here it is:

2 cups of chocolate soymilk. (The book suggest 8th continent, but I like Silk Light Chocolate).

1 medium banana, cut into chunks.

2 cups (10-ounce bag) frozen unsweetened strawberries. (I use the ones from Aldi...tastes great to me!).

Place soymilk, banana, and strawberries in a blender. Cover and blend on high speed for about 1 minute. Wait until the smoothie is smooth and enjoy!

Photo by: tofutti break

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  1. Sounds yummy, I can't wait to try! Thanks for sharing.


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