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Monday, August 18, 2008

Just 3 more days!

Notice the picture below. Isn't it beautiful? In just 3 days I will be one giddy, pregnant, christian, wife, and mother as I make my way there for a 3-day retreat experience!...excuse me while I jump in the air and kick my heels together!


Oh, did I mention to you that my husband and children won't be accompanying me at this retreat? Nope, mama is going alone! No diapers, no crying, no cooking, no cleaning. Just rest, fellowship, prayer, praise, and SLAM-DOWN worship with the Lord!

Of course, I will miss my family. I realize their not being there also means: no little hugs, no little kisses, no silly little giggles, and no "mommy look at me" requests accompanied by cool new toddler skills. These I will miss. I also know it means 3 days without the warm hugs, loving kisses, and charming wit of my sweet hubby. These will be missed as well. Nevertheless, I'm sure the absence will only make the heart grow fonder;)

The retreat is a splendid annual event sponsored by a prayer group at my local church and is known as the Noon-day Prayer Retreat. Not only is this a great place to still away to for an intimate time with the Lord, there are great praise and worship services, wonderful speakers, singing on the lake, beautiful fellowship among christian women, and (let me not forget to mention) great food too!

Prior to last year, I attended the retreat 5 years in a row and it was beginning to be something of a tradition for me. However, last year I had to forego the experience because I had a 3 month old baby at home. Next year this time, our new addition will be only be 6 months, and I think that's too young to leave for 3 whole days. Thus, this year's retreat is one I'm looking forward to immensely and I plan on savoring every moment! Any prayer requests?


  1. Prayer requests? I thought you'd never ask! I have a ton of requests, but I think I'll give them to you privately:) Have a great time and give the Lord a praise for the mothers who can't make it.


  2. Thanks TG! Go ahead and send those prayer requests...I'll have plenty of time to send them up:)

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  4. Hey, I've heard something about not writing your email address like that..I guess it makes it really easy to spam you. You might change it to lasandrahutchinson at gmail dot com.
    You can expect an email from me, too :).

  5. everydaylifeofahouswife: Thanks for tip!

    Everyone please send prayer request to my email:
    lasandrahutchinson@ gmail dot com


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