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Monday, August 18, 2008

"We" Homeschool

Well...not me specifically (although I'm strongly considering it). But, "we" as in African Americans in general, homeschool our children. Although homeschooling is becoming quite popular at my local church, which is predominatly African American, I was a bit surprised to find out that the number of homeschooling, African American families was on the rise!

Here is an interesting interview from NPR that gives a little insight into why this is the case.

None of the women in the interview expressed any faith-based reasons for homeschooling their children. However, my reasons for considering it are very much rooted in my not wanting my children to be "subltly" and "not-so-subtly" molded and brainwashed by all of the anti-christian propaganda floating around traditional schools nowadays.

How about you? Are you a potential and/or active homeschooler? Why are you homeschooling and/or considering it?


  1. I'm with you on this one. I may not be homeschooling yet, but I plan to, primarily to avoid the brainwashing of evolution, plantet worship, "tolerance" and sexual education. I have wanted to homeschool for a number of years now and I encourage anyone to consider it. I think that many people just assume that putting their kids into public school is the way things are done and that there aren't alternatives, but homeschooling is a very viable alternative. It requires a sacrifice of time on the part of parents, but is, in my opinion, well worth it. And besides, I just can't imagine shipping my baby girl off to school in two years.

  2. I can relate...for some reason I just can't see myself turning my children over to "the world" to be educated at such a young impressionable time in their lives..something doesn't seem right about that.


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