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Friday, September 11, 2009

Summer 2009 Recap- Last One

A friend from high school got married and we were elated to come and celebrate with her!

The bride and groom


  1. I love the style of her dress and the colors. Lovely!

  2. I loved reading and seeing pictures of your Summer recap. That's such a good idea.

  3. Noah is so big! The girls are beautiful!

  4. Dear One,
    Your Summer looks great with a full schedule and time to make memories...
    You have such a beautiful Family and what a blissful time this is your life!
    Your little girls are just as cute as they can be and the baby is a sweetie. Yes, he does have a very sweet smile.
    There were days when my children were little that when they smiled it brought tears to my eyes.
    These are tender memories that warm my heart.
    You and your hubby make a nice looking couple and you know what?
    It is a huge blessing that you are a Christian Couple!!!!
    God Bless,


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