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Thursday, January 28, 2010

ABC Jesus Loves Me

ABC Jesus Loves Me

ABC Jesus Loves Me is the preschool curriculum I decided to use for homeschooling Noelle. We began the curriculum in August 2009 and the lessons extend until May 2010. I plan to review what we have learned over the summer.

What I like about this curriculum is that it has a Christian focus. It meets and exceeds Kindergarten Readiness Standards. It provides a detailed, weekly lesson plan with many ideas and ways to teach. In addition, the site provides links for other educational sources, worksheets, and activities. Oh, and the best part: ITS ALL FREE!

I've discovered this year that the girls and I both seem to enjoy a literary focus. The best part of the day, in which they learn the most, is story time. I'd like a Kindergarten curriculum that has that kind of focus. Any suggestions?


  1. If there is a Lakeshore learning center near you (a retail store) you can purchase books and reading materials that are for emergent readers and that emphasize phonics. Also, there is a fantastic website call which allows children to explore the alphabet, stories, and vocabulary. I would also encourage you to get some big books and an easel so you can review features of print and point to the words and pictures with a pointer. Then, Noelle can re-read the books and point to the words during free time.

    I have many other suggestions, but we would probably have to speak over the phone. A homeschooling tutor or consultant might also be worth considering.

  2. Thanks Cara!

    I friend of mine who is a teacher told us about Starfall in the summer. We've been using it ever since!

    The girls love it and it is a great supplement to what we are doing(maybe I should write a post about that?;)

    Thanks for the other suggestions! Maybe you can shoot me an email with any other ideas.

  3. Hmm.I was wondering about a curriculum for my kids. I even asked on Fb about it. We also use starfall, as an aid.


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