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Sunday, January 17, 2010

In which I relaspe

Remember when our television broke? I wasn't the least bit affected. Relieved, would actually be the word to best describe how I felt.

I was relieved and feeling quite satisfied with all of the non-media time that my family was experiencing. We were bonding. The children were expanding their creative imagination. I was getting out of the house more.

And then it happened.

My loving brother, who (God bless him) declared my not having a working television as Un-American, bought us a 26" HDTV for Christmas.

And now...

The word relapsed may just be an understatement.

Let's just say if you had visited us anytime in the past few weeks, you wouldn't have been able to keep count of the number of times you heard the question, "Where is the remote?"

Furthermore, instead of a normal family in the living room, you might have actually found this...

Nevertheless, God has granted me an opportunity to redeem my life from the clutches of the couch and the world of high definition. This week I will participate in the Prayer Revival hosted by my local church.

The Prayer Revival takes place a few times annually, and it calls for a fast and a "media-break". Thus, not only will I turn off my television, I will take a break from the internet as well.

Not checking in on the blogoshpere will be the most difficult part for me. However, we could all benefit from some time to consecrate and focus on prayer and bible study, could we not?

So, until next week!

Yours truly,

~ Mrs. L. Couch Potato


  1. HA HA HA

    BTW, Mrs. Couch Potato, nominated you for an award on my blog...come check it out!


  2. WONDERFUL post. I feel like my family watches entirely too much too as well. Hubby and I have decided that when we are on our own once again, we will not have cable in the living room. Hopefully we stick with it!

  3. All I can say is I'm sorry!!! What a great brother though!! That would be my luck, in fact it was. Our tv was in bad shape so when grandma and grandpa moved to CO they gave us theirs. Thanks guys!! Really didn't want it but it's the thought that counts. Praying for the day when it breaks!!!! But we don't have any cable or anything and haven't for years so we just do movies and that is more doable.

  4. Well, sometimes it's good to know you're human like me. ;) And lots of times, I wish I could reach through the screen and HUG you, girl!
    I know you probably won't read this until after your media fast, but when you do, will you lift up my friend Carly and her husband Mike in prayer? They just found out that she had a blighted ovum pregnancy - she fully miscarried today at fourteen weeks but the baby never developed beyond the embryonic stage so she's been carrying an empty uterus for the last six weeks or so without knowing it. This was her first baby and I know the next few months are going to be very hard for her, especially because she is in university right now and has a semester left before she has her BA. Thank you!!


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