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Friday, July 10, 2009

I Have 7 Children...

...for today, that is.

Hubby's grandma usually has the pleasure of keeping his cousin's kiddos on Fridays. However, today she had a special event and needed a "back-up plan." Guess who that was?

Our guests are ages 10, 8, 4, and 2. Thus far, we have enjoyed a walk to the McDonald's indoor playground. Everyone had a chance to burn off some energy there;) We have had lunch, devotion, and now everyone 8 and under are napping.

Hubby should be home in about an hour. I hope that it won't be raining so we can take everyone to the park for a game of tag!

BTW: I find it ironic that my line of questioning in yesterday's post was addressed through my experiences today. I've actually found the extra arms of the two oldest children to come in quite handy when it comes to holding the baby while I deal with other things.

In addition, its been fun to be around all of the different personalities and qualities of each child. I must say I have enjoyed myself. I know its only been one short day, but this experience has made me look forward (even more) to one day having my own large family.


  1. Dear LH,
    God greatly bless you with LOTS of energy for fun and learning with the children.
    Sounds like you're well able to tend to these little ones.
    A large family it is!

  2. Hey LH....What a GREAT DAY i'm sure it was! I would love to hear more. I too desire to have a large family...they're the best! My mom is the eldest of 14 and i'm #5 of 6. Oh the joys of overcrowded bathrooms and LOVE! I Will definitely be in prayer for you as you fulfull God's most perfect will for you life! YAY to Large Families!!


  3. Well I'm glad it was a positive day for you. Back in the day when I had 7 young children of my own a friend across the street who had 3 of her own told me she didn't see any difference between 3 or 7. Now that you've done it, what do you think?

  4. Tricia,

    In a sense, it didn't feel that having 7 was much different from 3 because I just threw the extra four into the routine I already have going, breakfast, then devotion, then an outing, lunch, a nap... etc

    So, that felt the same. In addition, having more children didn't feel like so much work b/c of the various ages. Having the 2 older girls to do things for themselves and the little ones sometimes took a load off of me.

    However, on the other hand, I realized that the older girls needed a different level of communication with me. They wanted to actually hold a "conversation" with me. They had more to contribute to devotion etc, which was good, but took another level of my "mental/emotional" tank.

    I think this is the reason I have heard from parents who have older children and teens extra that I am in the "easy" stage of parenting b/c although I do almost all of the housework etc myself b/c my kids are so young, parenting is straightforward. However, issues w/raising children as they get older gets way more complicated.

    Do you think that is true?
    Do you think that there was a big difference between having 3 than 7?


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