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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Unplanned Homebirth

My husband picks up a cell phone to dial 911.

I can hear my doctor on the house phone, “Hello? Hello? Hello, hello, hello?”

“Dr. XXXX – I’m delivering.”

“Right now?” he asks calmly.

“Yes. The head is already out.”
This is just a snippet of my friend's most amazing birth story. She recently gave birth to her 8th child. The labor was so fast that her husband had to deliver the baby at home!

Check out her entire birth story here!


  1. I can only imagine giving birth at home! Or a Taxi Cab...better to be at home. Ha ha.
    I have a Aunt that gave Birth to her first born at home alone. I never experienced anything like this, but believe that every birth story is unique just like the little baby born. One of a kind.
    Hope your summer is going very well.

  2. Lovely story. Thanks for posting the link to it.

  3. LOL.I should tell her that if she were to substitute doctor for midwife, we'd share an experience.Do you think you'd ever attempt it?Well, not sure about having no 'pro' there-hubby's convinced I was mad for wanting that, but would you consider a homebirth?

  4. thank you for sharing! your friend sounds amazing! i was in suspense the whole time i was reading!

  5. Wowza...not cool. My honey would be a mess and I would end up delivering the baby myself!


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