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Friday, July 17, 2009

In which I am reminded of a brilliant quote.

"Me and Jenny goes together like peas and carrots." ~Forest Gump, 1994


  1. Delighted to meet you! Just found your site via CSAHM. I just started this blogging adventure a few months ago, but continue to be amazed at the joy, encouragement, and faith that I find.

    Keep writing, the world is reading.

    Hugs from this missionary mommy,
    Sarah Dawn

  2. Thanks for your very sweet comment on my blog. I left a follow up to your comment stating that I think I will make a post sometime soon on why hubby and I decided to be a quiverfull family. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. awwww, see Caleb needs some carrots!

  4. Darling pics of the girls.
    I laughed out loud on the one with the fingers in mouth.

    Aren't your girls blessed to have a sister!!!


  5. Funny! My husband and I just watched that movie 2 nights ago. CUTE!!!


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