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Monday, July 20, 2009

Third Day Concert at Alexian Field ~ Schaumburg, IL

We spent a little time in the parking lot preparing Noah for his very first concert!

He didn't look so sure about it.

But, I assured him it would be awesome:)

This event actually served as a date for hubby and I. (At this point, husband+wife+only 1 child that can't talk, qualifies as a date).

We were just in time to get a great spot close to the stage. Do I look excited enough about that?


  1. How cute!! Glad you all had a great time.

  2. Hey baby. Just wanted you to know that I did have a great time at the concert! We have got to do that again soon.

  3. Oh this looks like you had so much fun! And your little boy is so handsome!

  4. Hot Mama...You looked cute on your date!!! I totally understand the one kid thing, to us Husband+wife+2kids in the back seat sleeping = a good date. I have learned that you do what you have to in order to keep some spice and as long as we're happy at the end that's all that matters. Plus, I am sure there will be days that we will go on dates with no kids and talk the whole time about how we used to take the babies along!!


  5. Noah is getting so big! You all look so cute! I missed your posts last week.

  6. LOL! ...Thanks db! I totally feel you about the 2 kids sleep in the backseat LOL!

  7. Beautiful family!

  8. I love the pics! You are so beautiful and I'm glad Noah enjoyed his first concert!


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