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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Music That Can Uplift The Soul.

"Music has a profound effect on the listener. It even has the power to lift spirits and change lives." 

~Singer, Matt MacDonald

Music has such a profound effect on the soul. It's amazing how we can hear a song that we may not have heard in years and suddenly be mentally "translated," back to the time and place we were in when it first impacted us. A song can "take us back" to times that were happy or sad, fun or boring, stressful or relaxing, weary or celebratory, uneventful or defining, defeating or victorious. When we are truly impacted by a song we can no longer just hear the song without feeling the emotions that have been connected to it through our experiences.

This is so very true for me about so many songs. The one I have posted below is a song introduced to me by my dearest friend shortly after we both became born-again Christians(John 3:3-5). 

During that time, we were beginning to learn how to trust God through the hard times. Because we were in college, some of those hard times included the end of every quarter when the notorious finals week would come around!  We would sit in the student center writing papers and cramming for test while we listened to this song. All the while, praying and sometimes literally hoping for a miracle when it came to our grades!  But, guess what? God came through every time!

This song was also one that I listened to often during the summer that I was seeking God for his will for my life, concerning courtship and marriage. I listened to it while I prayed and cried out to God, feeling that with just one wrong decision, I could forever alter the course of my life and pay a very great price. I remember being so overwhelmed by it all and praying, "Lord, just tell me if this is your will for me or not! I'll do whatever you say!" But, you know what? God spoke! He guided me and helped me to make a decision that has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined.

This song was also one I listened to over and over again when I spent my summer studying in New Jersey. I was far away from home and was so lonely. I was having trouble finding a church to attend and kept praying that God would send me to the right place. I was studying in an intensive program and also planning a campus revival that I wanted to be a blessing to others. But, I'm sure that I don't even have to tell you how God ordered my steps to just the right church for me! The church ended up being very instrumental in helping me with the revival. People came and experienced God in a brand new way! God came through...again!

So, when I hear this song I'm fascinated with the way it "takes me back" to all of these experiences, and how I feel all of the emotions that accompanied them. I don't have it on CD, but Hubby and I recently dug it up online and have been listening to it. I don't know if you're into gospel, but I hope this blesses you too. Its an oldie but a goodie!

Medley - Kim McFarland


  1. Thanks for sharing your flash back and thoughts on music. I agree. Now this is not my normal cup of tea but I did like it!!

    I wish that I could find my mother's old "Integrity CD's" they were really soft praise music with scripture. We listened to them in High School.

    I'm off to search the internet!

    Thank you again!

  2. Hey there!God has surely been good to His children.May you continue to find joy in Him.


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