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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The 12 Days of a Large Family Christmas

There is a woman who I run into from time to time. She is a Christian. She is an older woman. Every time I see her she asks me if I am pregnant.

The last time we ran into each other, she asked me the usual. And then, in a very concerned tone, she pleaded with me saying, "You're such a beautiful girl. Enjoy your husband. Enjoy your children. Enjoy your life. Don't have anymore children. Once you have so many you don't have any 'me time!'"

She asked me how many children I had already. I told her 3. So, she tried her best to talk some sense into me again saying, "Okay, well let that be it!"

So, in honor of her and all of the other concerned people at the grocery store, the mall, etc, I thought this song would be appropriate.



  1. LOVED THIS!!!
    Have a very Merry Christmas,

  2. This is too funny!! We get some of the same comments, and like you, we have only three children. When they see my boys so close together in age it's usually "Boy, you have your hands full." It's amazing that people feel so free to make comments about having children but fail to see the blessings.

  3. I loved that! It was too cute! Those kids are adorable!!!

  4. That made my day. I get this with only four children!

    Strangers are so stupid. :-P

  5. Haaaaaa! That is soo funny, but sooo true. The bad thing about it is that most of the questions come from people that are close to you & not just from strangers. Evertime the father sung oh,boy you have your hands full... I laughed even harder LOL.

  6. I have heard that "you have your hands full" comment way more times than I can count. And if they notice that I'm pregnant, some of them even seem to roll their eyes!! What amazes me is that they dare to ask some of these questions in the first place! But I love the way this family has chosen to look at it and see the humour in it. :D I'll bear this in mind when I'm (soon) a mother of four, and hopefully five and six. :) I'd love to keep on going, but Mike thinks six is about as big as he wants.

  7. Just want to leave a comment and let you know that I posted a link to this article on my blog on a post entitled "A Few Good Reads".


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