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Monday, December 7, 2009

Laughing Bride Tells All

Watch below to view one couple's hilarious wedding video and hear their amazingly-beautiful story of courtship and sexual purity!

Benefits of Abstinence

1. Clear conscience with God.

2. Peace of mind in your life and future relationships, and marriage.

3. More self-respect and more respect for each other and respected by other people.

4. Always remember, in a healthy relationship, respect precedes love. And premarital sex only throws away your self respect and your partner's.

5. You enter marriage with a more positive outlook and without carrying emotional baggage.

6. Personal freedom for both of you and your (future) marriage partner.

7. Significantly better chance in having more satisfying and more stable marriage.

8. Longer lasting relationship. Premarital sex surprisingly breaks up more dating couples than any other factor.

9. No comparing or being compared sexually in marriage. It also means "being free to enjoy maximum sex, maximum leisure, maximum satisfaction, and maximum liberty, in the way God intended" that is in the covenant of marriage.

10. No worries about pregnancy and STDs.

11. Less worries about bad reputation.

12. It's a fact that persons and couples who have premarital sex are more likely to have extramarital affairs as well.

13. Premarital sex often fools a person into marrying someone who really isn't right for them...

Click here to read more benefits and to learn more on Sexual Purity.


  1. I'm right with you on this! I didn't always make the right decisions regarding my purity or my heart before I met my husband, but did remain a virgin until marriage. When Mike and I got engaged, the first boundary I set was that I wasn't going to kiss him until I married him. This drew a pretty firm line for us in regards to our physical relationship. And I can totally relate to the feeling that this bride had the day after her wedding - I KNEW that I was my husband's and he was mine. That's brought me through the last nearly six years and will take me into many more, Lord willing. Thanks for posting this video - it's fun to know the story behind some of the people in these viral videos.

  2. Katie-

    Wow! it sounds like you guys have an awesome testimony!


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