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Friday, December 4, 2009

My Husband Rocks Friday

Remember the post I wrote about hubby's job? Maybe you don't.

Well, hubby works as the Director of College Counseling at the first all-boy's charter school in Chicago. In 2010 the school will graduate it's first class. What has been their goal? To ensure that 100% of those boys are accepted to college.

100% of the students are African American and many of them come from single-parent, low-income households. If you know anything about this population, you may realize that the odds of them graduating high school, let alone college, is very slim.

Nevertheless, at Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men: We Believe

Hubby, in particular, believes that all things are possible and has prayed hard and worked hard to do everything in his power to prepare these young men for college.

And I do mean worked. Worked sick. Worked frustrated. Worked discouraged. Worked exhausted. Worked on weekends. Worked all night. Worked in wee hours of the morning. Worked at work. Worked at home. Worked at church. Worked in the car. Worked when people were watching. Worked when no one was watching. Worked to do what was needed. Worked to go above and beyond what was needed. Worked with help. Worked with no help.

He values the work he does and comes home many nights beaming at the success of a boy's academic and/or personal endeavours. He genuinely wants to see them succeed and often tells them, "Our success is tied."

This school year has been very challenging with 115 seniors needing to apply to college. Nevertheless, admissions letters and scholarship offers are already rolling in.

Hubby has learned how to work as unto the Lord and many times with little recognition.

However, last night, one of his students happened to post a picture of him in a album on Facebook with a caption that read:
Shout out to this man making a lot of things possible in my life, from the Chicago Freedom School to the Ghana trip and getting all of us into college! Thanks Hutchinson!
From that, over 20 comments were written in response to the photo and the caption many of them by students from the school echoing thanks to hubby for the way his work has affected their lives.

I've posted the picture and some of my favorite comments below.

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Yesterday at 7:36pm
Terrell Hines
Terrell Hines
Hutch is tha MAN!

Yesterday at 7:46pm
Marco <span class=

Yesterday at 7:50pm
<span class=
Coreybossman Rowe
yeah hutch keep doin ya thing!!!

Yesterday at 8:03pm
Gerald Stat Jackson
Gerald Stat Jackson
a realll talk.. if it wasnt for well of course me for doing my work, but mr. hutchinson!! he gave me that confidence that i was missing at my last school, i have been accepted to five schools so far, and he tells me i can do better..he tells me i can do better then chicago state, HBCU's ,etc and tells me everyday to shoot hire n hire n hire..thanks... See More hutchinson for making things possible for us, sending our applications for us ( which you dont have to do) , thanks for sending stuff ON TIME !!,, thanks

Yesterday at 8:10pm
Ahmad <span class=
Ahmad TurnedUp Wright
yeah we couldnt do it without you...thanks alot

Yesterday at 8:20pm
Darrelle <span class=
Darrelle DatDude Banks
I really do appreciate it

Yesterday at 8:28pm
Marco <span class=
Marco Letthetruthbetold Gibson
We love u big boy lol

Yesterday at 8:29pm
Marlon Marshall
Marlon Marshall
Hutch you are greatly appreciated. You have a huge part in us being successful. Words cannot express how thankful I am. Nor can money. Therefore, I will pay you back by graduating from college and making something of myself. Thanks.

Yesterday at 8:38pm
Milan <span class=
Milan SwSm Byrdwell

Yesterday at 8:40pm
Isaac <span class=
Isaac Welch
Hutch be comin through tho

Yesterday at 8:42pm
John Warren
John Warren
Lol, Isaac u a fool, but yea Hutch man I appreciate u man, I look at you as a father because u have been there for me so many times when I was goin through

Yesterday at 9:13pm
Cameron <span class=
Cameron Ochouno Barnes
Thanks a lot Hutch u were always there for me. I really appreciate you for taking your time out to help young black men get to college. Before UP you had a great job at Northwestern but you chose us. That shows that you really care about us and expect us to go to college. I also want to thank you for the various study abroad programs I was chosen to go on over the years. I've learned a lot from those programs and yourself. Once again thanks alot.

Yesterday at 9:26pm
Jessie Mack
Jessie Mack
Thanks Hutch you that best you never gave up on me and you continue to push to the place where I know I should be. Thanks Again.

Yesterday at 9:59pm
Greg Casanova Sash
Greg Casanova Sash
yea i agree hutch has done soo much wit getting me into college i cant imagine where i wud be wit getting into colloge without dat guy

Well, you heard it. Hubby, you are "tha man!" and I am a one proud wife;)

"Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD; that walketh in his ways.

For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee." (Psalm 128:1).


  1. I was waiting for a new post. Any thoughts on following up with the gentlemen once they get into college? I know retention is an issue for first generation and Black males in colleges. Any of them coming to Temple so I can look out for them?

  2. OMG...I'm getting a little teary-eyed...LOL

  3. That's awesome! I'm glad that the young men showed their appreciation. Congrats to you and the family, ya'll deserve it!

  4. This is great. All hats off to your man for this great work he is accomplishing with the Lord. Wonderful post.

  5. That's so nice. It seems like at just the right time the Lord allows encouragement to come and give you that extra push to finish the task. And anyone who has worked with teens knows that compliments don't come that often--Jesus had to inspire that thread.

  6. Cara-

    Yes, the UP staff will be staying in contact and providing support for the students once they begin college to tackle issues with retention.

    I'm not sure if any of them might be attending Temple. I'll ask! Thanks!

  7. Shantee-

    LOL! I did too!

    Hope you're doing great in your new city!

  8. Janaiya-

    Thank you for saying that! God is so awesome!

  9. Tiffany G.-

    Ken read your comment and agreed, "Jesus had to inspire that thread" b/c it is unlike them to do something like that! LOL!

  10. Aah,I love your husband..and God bless his wife who has been there, supporting him, caring for his family!Bless them both!

  11. This is beautiful, LaSandra! What a wonderful thing to know how much of a blessing your husband has been to these young men.

    I got teary-eyed, too. :)

  12. That is so cool to see what your husband is doing in the lives of young man. it puts a smile on my face...also love ur blog


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