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Monday, March 30, 2009

In which "comments" make my day.

Comments are fairly important to a blogger. This is the case because the average blogger's purpose is not only to share their thoughts on a particular area, but to invoke their readership to "chime in" and share their thoughts as well. Most bloggers also hope to inspire, change, or have some kind of affect on people as a result of their writing. Its always nice to hear from someone that your voice has touched them in a positive way. Some of the comments made in response to my posts have made me smile, some have made me laugh. But, this one made my day!

Ashley said...

LaSandra your blog is fantastic! Now, I'm not an older woman and I can clearly teach you nothing about being a Mother. However, I must say that this blog has encouraged me and allowed me to see how wondeful holiness and family life can be. Yes it's challenging, yes you sho nuff be going through. But, the blessings of the Lord are upon your family, God's favour, God's mercy, and God's grace is with you when you're abiding in His perfect will. I don't see many families raising their children in the Lord and doing it with so much joy. So, it's awesome to see you and the few others I know doing so! This blog is blessing me and I wanted you to know that in the midst of your children, in the midst of your Husband, in the midst of your responsibilities, and in the midst of balancing your own spiritual life, the Lord has still used you to reach others and bless them :-) Girl, God is so good!

Thanks Ashley! Way to encourage a young blogger mother!


  1. amen girl! i love getting sweet comments like that :)

    and btw- it's sooo true about you!

  2. I think this comment made my day too!

  3. That is a wonderful comment! It would have made my day as well!

    As for the question you asked me, when I first started thinking of homeschooling, I was overwhelmed. There are a lot of curriculums out there and a heap of information resources to wade through. Then one day, I came across Heart of Dakota Publishing, and one look at their curriculum and I knew it was the one for my family. We use the Little Hands to Heaven preschool curriculum for ages 2-5 right now. I do it every other day, as to stretch it out the whole year and a little more, and on the odd days, I just stick in random tidbits I come up with myself with crafts, workbooks, etc. that go along with whatever it is we are learning about. It is a truly wonderful, biblical curriculum and I love using it!

  4. I'm so glad it did girl! Hallelujah Jesus! Way to go

  5. Tiffany-Ashley is just blessing us all

  6. Thanks for that Dusty! I just looked up the curriculum!

  7. That was a really sweet comment and I'm not surprised it made your day. That's really awesome!


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