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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Since we're waiting...

...let us enjoy the children I've already given birth to, shall we?

Recently, I conducted an exclusive interview with Noelle and Bella ("The Girls") to learn more of their thoughts surrounding their baby brother. I wasn't surprised to find they had a very unique take on things!

1. What's the first thing we're going to do when Noah gets here?

The Girls: "Change his diaper!"

2. Will baby Noah look more like Daddy or Mommy?

The Girls: "Daddy!"

3. Will baby Noah look more like Noelle or Bella?

Noelle: "Noelle!"

4. What color will baby Noah's eyes be?

The Girls: "Black."

5. What color will baby Noah's hair be?

The Girls: "Pink."

6. What will baby Noah like to eat?

Noelle: "Oranges."
Bella: "Milk."

7. What will be baby Noah's favorite color?

The Girls: "Pink!"

8. What will baby Noah watch on television?

The Girls: "The Baby Noah Show!"


  1. This is priceless! Pink hair - you gotta love that! Hold onto this - Noah will probably get a kick out of it someday. :)

  2. LOL. As i stated in one of posts from long ago, I get broody when my cycle's about to start, which happened this time too and I thought of you and your Noah...Take care and we're waiting with you!


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