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Friday, March 13, 2009

40 weeks and a day...

...and guess whose still pregnant!

I figured this would be the case sometime around Sunday night when it seemed like I was having little to no "onset of labor signs." Nevertheless, yesterday the midwife did say that there was some progress in terms of lightening and effacement. 

I've also had some actual "nesting-like" spurts of energy this week.  I declared last week to be nesting week, but I really had to push myself through it. On the contrary, this week I found myself scrubbing on hand and knee, somewhere between the stove and a corner area of the wall thinking, "Oh my God! I can't bring a baby into this filth!" (as if he's going to be sleeping back there:). I'll take that as an indication that some genuine nesting is occurring.

I still have plenty to busy myself with this week so I don't become too preoccupied with waiting. But, I sure do hope he makes his debut soon!


  1. I was wondering what the status was. Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm glad you have a little more time to prepare for Noah's arrival.

  2. Oy! The hard part is the waiting. Nesting is good. We will take that positive sign and run with it. LOL Hoping things progress soon!


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