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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Today is our big day! That's right, ultrasound day! Now, pray for me, because if they announce to my husband that this baby is not the son he has been praying for, he may either have to be carried or escorted out of the hospital!

I also am hoping for a boy; nevertheless, I won't be unhappy with another beautiful baby girl!

Here's the scenario:

While pregnant with my girls:

I gained alot of weight, fast and seemed to be showing earlier.
The only change in skin I had was the "pregnancy mask."
I was VERY tired in the first trimester, but felt better in the second.

This time:

I've gained slowly, and didn't show until later.
I have the "pregnancy mask" and I also had acne in the first trimester.
I was VERY tired in the first trimester and am still VERY tired.

What do you think? Boy or Girl? Cast your vote in the comments section and I'll tell ya the news when I get back!


  1. so, whats the verdict??


  2. i'm not even going to try and guess! lol, all of my pregnancy symptoms this time around were different and we're getting another boy still! lol.

    soooo is it a boy or a girl??!


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