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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Verdict

So, just as my husband and I were yesterday, I'm sure you're dying to know if this baby is actually a boy or a girl. are we! They couldn't tell! Can you believe that!?

After a very long day at the lab and a visit with the midwife, we finally made it to our ultrasound appointment, only for them to say they couldn't tell because the baby its too early (is 20 weeks really too early?) and the baby was moving so much.

We're hoping we have another crack at an ultrasound because they also said there were other things they coudn't see because of the baby moving so much.

This is the first ultrasound we've had that they said they couldn't tell the gender. Its also the most excited we've been about finding out. Perhaps God is trying to work more patience in us?

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  1. awww, darn! i was anxious to know! i bet you were too! our little guy had his legs crossed in the beginning of my u/s on tuesday and i was so nervous, but he finally uncrossed them! he wouldn't hold still either, i have to have another u/s at my next appt. so they can finish getting all his measurements!


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