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Friday, October 3, 2008

For those of you wondering...

...Yes. I am alive and am proud to annouce that I have not, in fact dropped off the face of the earth;)

I do apologize to my faithful readership (I found out there were more of you than I thought:) for my blogging hiatus, and I want to let you know I do intend to get back to it!

In part, I have been stalling my blog post because I had hoped to have some pictures of the retreat and our family vacation to accompany the exhilarating post I planned to write. Neverthless, It has taken me until recently to get those together. So, I will continue to hold you in suspense for those updates and just share with you what has REALLY been going on with me lately. You do want the "real deal" anyway, don't you?

Well,I hope you didn't forget I am expecting! I'm already 18 weeks and counting! Thus, most of what goes on with me these days is unavoidably related to that fact. Since it would be virtually impossible for me to sum it all up for you in words, I have included some visuals that will tell it all.

So, lately I've been experiencing...

...a little of this:

...and a whole LOT of that:


  1. So glad you're all right - I was worried that you might be sick or something! I even googled your name to make sure there weren't any news stories saying that something had happened to you (I have way too much free time now - I gave up craft and food blogs for a month, so yours is one that I can still read :)). Can't wait to see some pictures! Love the comics, by the way...I can totally relate - especially to the boiling water one - it's so true!!

  2. glad to know you're still alive and with us :)

    and i totally get the comics!

  3. Katie,

    Thanks for the response and being concerned about me! LOL!

    I visited your blog and saw you made some looks great!

  4. Thanks Chelsa!

    I knew other moms would get it! LOL!

  5. I'm glad to see you're back! I thought about you tonight during Bible Class, so I checked when I got home and here you are. I'll keep reading...


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