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Monday, October 27, 2008

When there are no sick days

I knew this was coming. At the first sign of my youngest daughters runny nose, I tried to brace myself for the inevitable. When my oldest daughter came down with a fever a couple days later I thought to myself, "Uh oh. Its only a matter of time." Needless to say, yesterday marked the first day of my runny nose, head congestion, watery eyes, headache, and sneezing. What's strange is that for some reason I had this small feeling of hope that I might get a "sick day" today.

When I was growing up my mom let me stay home from school when I got a cold and just sent me the following day with a "sick note." In college, I simply stayed in my dorm room instead of going to class and I followed up by sending my professors an email letting them know I was feeling "under the weather." After college, I was given a certain amount of "sick days" from the agency I worked for. I kept track of those days and made sure I took advantage of them when needed. It all seemed to always work out. What a great invention: "sick days."

I think this tid bit of personal history would explain the hopeful feeling that maybe when I woke up I would stay in bed and somehow be temporarily freed from my usual responsibilities. However, when hubby stopped by the store this morning to buy me some tylenol and then proceeded to get ready for work, while my youngest daughter stood in the kitchen eagerly moaning and pointing to a box of Cheerios, it occured to me that "sick days" may just be a thing of the past:(


  1. you should so read my post- i totally get you :)

  2. lol- reality!


  3. Ah, yes. We have to remember that "mother's work is never done." Now just wait until he gets sick - then you work overtime because a sick husband is 10 times worse than a sick child. This note is full of sarcasm, but on a serious note, I hope you're feeling better.

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