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Monday, October 13, 2008

20 Frugal Things I do

I saw it here first. Here's mine:

1. I breastfeed.

2. I buy alot of milk when its on sale and freeze the extra until we need it.

3. I fill my gas tank up whenever I'm far out and find really cheap gas.

4. I shop at discount stores like Aldi, Walmart, and Save a lot.

5. I live on a budget.

6. I buy beverges you have to mix yourself instead of juices and soda that come in a bottle.

7. I don't have a cell phone, I use payphones when I'm out (yes, I know its 2008!)

8. We save a portion of our income every month in a seperate account to pay for annual events, like Christmas and birthdays.

9. We live in an VERY affordable apartment, so we can save up for a house. (Remember, my testimony about our place?)

10. I cook a whole chicken and then divide it up to use it for different meals.

11. I do my own hair most of the time instead of getting it done professionally.

12. I rent movies out of the redbox instead of blockbuster.

13. I try look for inexpensive or free family outings and check out free museum passes from the library.

14. I welcome hand-me-downs from others.

15. I use target brand diapers and wipes (the best generic brand I've found without comprimising feel and durability).

16. I get most of my information online instead of buying magazines.

17. I try to buy one kind of soap (like dove or lever 2000) that our whole family can use, instead of something different for everyone.

18. I do the same with shampoo.

19. I turn my car off when I get stuck by a train.

20. I buy used movies and dvds (like Veggie Tales and Bible Stories) for our children at thrift stores.


  1. Thanks for the link! I like your tip about buying one kind of soap and shampoo for the whole family.

  2. No problem! Thanks for visiting!


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